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Burlingame Personal Injury Attorney Boating Accidents

Boating accidents frequently take place because of negligence and can easily lead to serious and lethal traumas. Boating accidents aren't restricted to smaller pleasure boats either, they can easily take place on anything from cruise ships to Navy boats.

A boating accident is always frightening regardless of what the circumstances. They are especially dangerous since the risk of drowning is present. A skilled selection of attorneys is needed to thoroughly investigate any boating injury accident and decide the main cause.

Burlingame Injury Lawyer is well versed in maritime law. The Jones Act, Maritime law and Admiralty law are all affairs Burlingame Personal Injury Attorneys understand completely coupled with personal injury law.

If you or a family member has sustained a boating injury or you've got a question which has not been clarified, get in touch with Burlingame Injury Lawyer today at 650-646-9242 or e-mail us on-line

Comprehending Boating Accidents

Causes of Boating Accidents

Collisions are the most typical cause of critical injury and death in boating accidents. Other traumas are slip and falls, careless driving, driving under the influence, boat failures and inexperienced water craft operators.

Together with boating, other water sports like going swimming, waterskiing, jet skiing and fishing are extremely popular. However whenever participants are inexperienced or drunk these can easily lead to accidents and traumas also.

Today there are over 1 million private watercraft vessels being used. Each year traumas and death happen roughly 5,000 times each year.

Safety Guidelines

Here are a few safety tips which can easily prevent accidents.

  • Prior to leaving your house to enjoy a day trip on the boat, confirm the weather forecast. Additionally, once out, if you see an abrupt shift in the wind or see lightning flashes and choppy water, this can easily indicate bad weather is building. In such a circumstance, you really should head for shore immediately as stormy weather can easily build extremely speedily.
  • You should never go boating without particular items onboard the boat in a water-proof container which floats. These include sun tan lotion, first aid kit, map of the waterway, flash light and batteries, sunglasses, matches along with a flare.
  • Make certain somebody knows where you're going, who is with you, and exactly how long you'll be away.
  • Make sure to check your boat before leaving, for example the engine and fuel supply.
  • If you don't fully understand the way to swim find out how. You have to have to fully understand the way to be safe in water.
  • Under no circumstances drink alcohol whenever boating. Alcohol consumption is accountable for at least fifty percent of all fatalities on the water.
  • Always don life vests whenever boating and fishing.

Look for a boating class in your region (Red Cross, U.S. Power Squadron, US Sailing, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary etc) -- these classes teach navigation procedures, unexpected emergency procedures and the results of water, wind circumstances, and climate.

The Jones Act

The Jones Act, 46 USC 688, is a federal maritime law which helps to protect those hired on a boat in capacities like crew member, seaman or commercial fisherman. It offers protection for those in these roles who're injured, or die, from the negligence of the workplace. The Jones Act supplies comprehensive protection to those crew members.

Burlingame Injury Lawyer is recognized for their determination and dedication in assisting our clientele get the results they are worthy of. Burlingame Injury Lawyer understands the needs of clients and Burlingame Injury Lawyer works with the very best experts in the nation to help obtain their objective.

By deciding on Burlingame Injury Lawyer, you'll pick a firm with a sound track record and dedication to their clientele, in addition to the resources essential to battle formidable defendants.

Burlingame Injury Lawyer is a professional accidental injury lawyer practice. Burlingame Injury Lawyer achievements and professionalism, both in and out of the court room, can easily be observed in the final results.

Accidents Connected with Jet Skis

Jet skiing is a fun activity which water buffs have been experiencing for many years. Easy to maneuver and unbelievably fast, jet skis are well liked for a lot of individuals.

However whenever driven by somebody who is either inexperienced, drunk or irresponsible that are lethal. Someone on jet skis is more prone to wind up injured than other watercraft used for fun. The personal injuries suffered in a Jet Ski accident or collision can easily be serious.

Some of these injuries consist of: drowning, death, burns, carbon monoxide poisoning, amputations, hypothermia, head injuries, disfigurement, or scenarios where somebody is ejected from the Jet Ski, that can easily result in a broken bones or soft tissue injury.


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Coast Guard has put together boating stats for 2004.

You'll find a lot of specifics which impact the accident reports. Please be sure to bear this in mind.

  • Particular incidents aren't included because they weren't required to be documented if it was a recreational vessel. Quite a few accidents aren't documented because boaters aren't alert to the accident reporting regulations or don't adhere to the polices. It is believed, however, that almost all deadly recreational boating accidents are incorporated in this document.
  • Boating accidents happening on private waters aren't always documented as the aren't under state jurisdiction. The Coast Guard incorporates these mishaps whenever they are documented and satisfy the inclusion regulations.
  • The actual number of boating accidents not connected with a fatality is in reality much greater than what's statistically known as the data is based solely on incidents that are documented.

Top Contributing Factors

  1. Foolhardy Operation of a Watercraft - Deaths 43 - Accidents 570
  2. Failing To Pay Attention - Deaths 55 - Accidents 562
  3. Novice Operater - Deaths 42 - Accidents 406
  4. Speeding on the Waterways - Deaths 39 - Accidents 401
  5. Dangerous Waters - Deaths 57 - Accidents 312
  6. Using Alcohol Whilst Operating a Watercraft - Deaths 109 - Accidents 296
  7. Skier/Passenger Actions - Deaths 26 - Accidents 291
  8. System or Machinery Failure - Deaths 21 - Accidents 285
  9. Lacking A Suitable Lookout - Deaths 11 - Accidents 271
  10. Breaking Rules of the Road - Deaths 13 - Accidents - 188

Five Principal Types of Accidents

  1. Collision with Vessel (1,479 accidents - 68 fatalities)
  2. Collision with Fixed Item (525 accidents - 46 fatalities)
  3. Falling Overboard (488 accidents - 199 fatalities)
  4. Capsizing (393 accidents – 184 fatalities)
  5. Skier Accident (380 accidents - 7 fatalities)


  1. Drowning - Deaths 484
  2. Trauma Injuries - Deaths 114
  3. Other - Deaths 32
  4. Hypothermia - Deaths 10
  5. Carbon Monoxide Poisong - Deaths 2
  6. Unknown Causes - Deaths 34

Boating Statistics

  • In 2004, there was roughly 12,781,476 registered recreational boats. Of which, 4,904 boating accidents were documented, leading to 676 fatalities, 3,363 accidental injuries and roughly $35,038,306 in damage to property.
  • Drowning was the main reason for death - 484 out of the 676. Of these which perished 90% of them did not have on life vests like they should have.
  • Alcohol consumption was associated with roughly one- third of all boating fatalities.

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