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Burlingame Personal Injury Attorney Bicycle Accidents

Accidents on a bicycle are common and are escalating now that people are riding bikes because of high gas prices. Traveling by bicycle is inexpensive and can be very handy.

Unfortunately, a number of drivers don't regard a bike rider's rights to share the highways and a number of cyclists don't understand they are expected to obey the same traffic laws as drivers. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a bicycle accident, call Burlingame Injury Attorney now at 650-646-9242 or email us.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, call Burlingame Personal Injury Attorney now at 650-646-9242 or contact us.

Regardless of how old you are, you should put on a cycle helmet!

Safety Suggestions & Hints

Safety helpful hints for cyclists:

  • California State mandates all young riders to don a cycle helmet.
  • Boys and girls need to be taught the way to ride in safety, understand traffic laws and be safe on the road. It's the parent's job to make sure they understand all of this. Boys and girls should understand the right hand signs for making turns, etc. They have to understand hand signs required for turning and signaling. (Parents: remember to teach only hand signs - not hand gestures!)
  • Do not ride a bicycle at night if you don't need too. Your bicycle should have certain things on it including refractive tape, head and tail lights. Make sure you always don clothing which can be seen.
  • Avoid transporting backpacks or additional accessories which would get twisted in the spokes or chain.
  • Always ride with the traffic flow(on the right side of the street) and not against the traffic. Keep in mind that drivers are used to individuals which stick to the rules and are prepared to cope with that. They are not accustomed to dealing with the other things which are irregular like cyclists facing traffic.
  • Do not ride a bicycle after drinking alcohol. Reactions are impaired and a crash can take place if you are drinking.

Motor Vehicle Driver Safety

  • You've got to yield to the biker if you are in the right side of the road with one and you intend to turn at an intersection.
  • You can't drive in a designated bike lane unless you've got immediate objectives to turn off the street.
  • Ignorance of the law will not help if you hit and harm a biker.

Bicyclists are subject to the identical traffic laws as drivers. If you're riding a bicycle, you are also expected to obey the traffic laws.

Typical Bicycle Accidents

In a number of cases, a bicycle accident is the consequence of a motorist failing to pay attention while operating his or her vehicle. The subsequent are some common kinds of accidents which a bicyclist may be seriously injured in:

Burlingame Personal Injury Attorney Bicycle Accidents
  • A car driver turning straight in front of a biker
  • A vehicle driver entering the street from a driveway or parking spot and pulls out into traffic in front of the biker
  • A motorist's failing to yield at a junction or running a red light or stop sign
  • Vehicle driver not paying attention to bikers
  • After stopping at a stop sign drivers don't look both ways whenever resuming driving
  • Motorists driving under the influence

It's advised that bike riders be defensive whenever driving on the road. You've got to pay attention to where you are and you've got to be on the lookout for drivers that aren't paying attention.

Bike Accident Statistics

Bike Accidents have resulted in some stunning stats:

  • Every 6 hours a bicycler is fatally seriously injured.
  • Bike accidents result in injuries to practically one million girls and boys yearly
  • 49% of all bicycle fatalities happen to girls and boys under the age of sixteen
  • Head injuries are the cause of seventy-five percent of all significant injuries and fatalities
  • Motor vehicle collisions cause 1/3 of all bicycling accidents but they are almost always devastating. Automobile operators should see a bicycle as a car and observe the identical laws.

Motor vehicle operators should see a bicycle as a motor vehicle and observe the same laws.

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